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Operation Employment

    The State of Minnesota has deep roots in our nation’s history for having a helping hand in war efforts—going all the way back to our Country’s Civil War. In fact, still today, our Minnesota National Guard units have one of the highest “Readiness” ratings in the nation, ultimately causing these units to be Activated more often when compared to other states’ National Guard units.

    Due to the “Always Ready” mindset, our civilian soldiers and families share a unique issue within our communities when it comes to their monthly drill weekends, Annual Training, military schools, state disaster recovery, and deployments.

    South Central MN SHRM’s mission with Operation Employment is to bring awareness to HR, Business Leaders, and Supervisors with having a better understanding what their current or potential future employee may go through during their ‘active military time’ and build compassion for needs of these soldiers’ family members. Part of this mission is to connect with servicemembers and their families to help them understand what employers may need to ensure the mutually respectable working relationship between supervisors and co-workers.

     As industry leaders, South Central MN SHRM wants to put to rest any and all concerns of this special group of citizens. We have partnered with ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve) and MN Family Readiness organizations to help teach organizations specifics in the military day-to-day life and how they can add value to every size of a company.

    Why hire a current civilian soldier or their spouse/children? Whether you work in a large or small organization, many supervisors and business leaders may have the same question. These individuals are often hardworking, humble, and dedicated workers and know how to juggle life’s obstacles. Often times, the unsung heroes are the spouses and children of these service men and women have learned how to adapt to life’s changes and tend to be more resilient. 

    • Want to learn more and/or get involved?  We have several opportunities to connect with service members this year! 

      • Join one of our ESGR Boss Lifts to Camp Ripley Training Center

        • Spring 2019 & Summer 2019

      • Mock interviews and resume reviews for civilian jobs and career paths

        • May 2, 2019: Owatonna National Guard Armory 1-7 PM

      • Military community-based Job Fair for Southern MN businesses

        • June 4, 2019: Holiday Inn, Owatonna, MN 

      • Become a partner with the military community by pledging to support military service members and their families through recruitment and employment 

    • To get involved, email